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Transform your production processes using cutting-edge sensing tech

polymerSENSE® is a revolutionary Industry 4.0 monitoring service that enables the plastics recycling and polymer processing industry to create value and improve sustainability through operating production processes with increased energy efficiency.

Using state-of-the-art IIOT, ultrasonic sensing technology, polymerSENSE® delivers accurate, real-time data providing operational insight and value-adding engineering metrics of polymer and plastic processing lines and equipment. Our technology works with blown film, blow moulding, compounding, extrusion, injection moulding and packaging recycling machines.

Data derived from our cutting-edge technology gives you the knowledge needed to take informed action and transform your production processes by optimising energy usage, reducing waste product, planning predictive maintenance and increasing product quality.

Start driving sustainability and creating value in your organisation

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How polymerSENSE® works

Digitize machine health, optimise production and improve sustainability

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Key Benefits

Real-time monitoring and measurement

Trend analysis with actionable insights

Increased product quality

Eliminate manual inspections

Non-invasive ultrasonic sensors

Increased machine uptime and throughput


Control and optimise energy usage

Digitise your assets with Industry 4.0

Just-in-time maintenance

Why polymerSENSE®?

Visualise screw & barrel wear in real-time

polymerSENSE® is an innovative sensing technology, allowing you to capture real-time data to monitor the wear between the outer barrel and revolving screw of an extruding machine.

If undetected, this can result in a number of problems: energy loss through tribological contact (e.g. wear and friction), reduction in product quality, potential lengthy machine (and production line) downtime for unplanned maintenance as well as unnecessary and costly screw replacements.

Be at the cutting-edge of predictive maintenance

By reacting to real-time data, polymerSENSE® allows you to implement a cutting-edge, Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance cycle that negates the requirement to carry out the ‘normal’ manual measurement and maintenance cycles which can result in extensive periods of downtime.

Create sustainable and healthy production lines

Using our real-time service, you will gain actionable insights and benefit from a value-added service that allows you to take informed action to increase uptime and productivity efficiency. You will also benefit from environmental gains by reducing waste and optimising energy use; creating sustainable and healthy production lines.

Measure and monitor a range of metrics

Tribosonics’ SMART technology can also be implemented on polymer processing lines to demonstrate real-time, online and inline remote monitoring of parameters, in addition to screw and barrel wear, including: contaminants, viscosity, die wear, extrusion dimensioning and polymer melt properties.

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