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23% of the world‘s energy consumption originates from tribological contact (tribology is the science of wear, friction, and lubrication). *By addressing friction and wear, there is the potential to save 1.4% of GDP, 8.7% of total energy consumption and a reduction in CO2 emissions by up to 3140 MtCO2 . *Tribosonics is at the cutting edge of addressing these problems and in so doing creating enduring commercial value in a digital world.

With a strong challenger mindset, we’re harnessing our unique transformation roadmap to extract targeted, powerful data from industrial systems – unlocking significant value from Industry 4.0/IIoT applications, partnering with key strategic manufacturers of industrial equipment and components. *Holmberg and Erdemir 2017

Visionary & multi-talented

The Tribosonics team is comprised of industry experts combining strong entrepreneurial instincts with a bold and curious outlook.  The company boasts a diverse range of backgrounds, experience, and skillsets, which fuels the search for answers and inspiration from multiple directions. Tribosonics combines STEM expertise with business acumen and has developed an organisational culture of creativity, innovation and drive. From software engineers to hardware specialists, physicists to mechanical engineers, product designers to project managers and commercial strategists to operational professionals, we all work together to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Our visionary leadership team has fostered a culture of openness, experimentation and proactive learning from the outset. Fuelled by our entrepreneurial spirit and technological approach, we’re continually identifying and delivering value-add through strategic partnerships.

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What we do

We drive transformation at scale by combining our unique sensing products with a value driven commercial problem-solving approach.

This enables us to extract smart, targeted data that delivers significant value for business and industry.


Our products use embedded ultrasonic measurement technologies generating smart data through unmatched information density, resolution and speed at a component level.

We provide transformational technology creating impact for industry in the following sectors: Transportation, Power Generation and Manufacturing.

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Our Mission Global problem We use innovative and novel approaches to ultrasonic sensors to measure and monitor a wide range of engineering applications including film thickness, wear, contact pressure, load, corrosion, material quality etc.

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