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Knowing that truly transformative technology requires comprehensive and robust implementation, we collaborate closely with customers by demonstrating our technology, providing early visibility of results, and finding the most appropriate ways to generate new and enduring value streams.

Implementation Phases

We develop bespoke project plans that both align with customers’ existing work processes and fulfil their project requirements. A typical project plan would likely include the following:

Technology Demonstration

Customer projects begin with a technology demonstration. In this phase Tribosonics applies its technology to the customer’s application in a laboratory or test rig environment. The demonstration considers the customers technical and commercial requirements and seeks to show how the technology can work in that application.

Engineering Phase

In the Engineering Phase Tribosonics packages its technology for the customer’s application and value case (e.g. model validation, condition monitoring, product development, field monitoring). This phase requires a close collaboration between the Tribosonics engineering and project management team and the customer. The project is managed using Agile methodologies with work being broken down into short sprints.

The Engineering Phase completes with either test-rig measurements (in the case of model validation), supply of monitoring system (in the case of condition monitoring or field monitoring) or manufacture of a prototype system (in the case of product development).

Product Development Phase

The manufactured prototypes are tested in both test rig and field environments to benchmark performance and identify areas for optimisation. In parallel to the performance validation, design for manufacture is carried out identifying what test equipment is needed and any tooling for production. This results in a pre-production prototype which undergoes final dFMEA and validation before conducting certification testing. Tribosonics has experience taking products through certification such as ATEX (Zone 0, 1 and 2), UL (Class 1 Div 1), Ingress Protection (up to IP9K) as well as all requirements for CE marking.

System Roll-out and Scale-up

Tribosonics works with its strategic partners to roll out and scale up the technology in the customers application. As an ecosystem partner Tribosonics will either supply manufactured systems, procure manufacturing, or work with its customers to use customer approved supply chains. Beyond physical systems, Tribosonics collaborates with its partners to enable value add through analytics, algorithms and analysis. Combining this data with customer domain expertise and digital twins allows for transformation in as-a-service commercial models.

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