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The three industrial sectors with the highest energy losses due to tribological contact are: Transportation, Energy and Manufacturing.

As these are all vital industrial activities there is a need for transformational technology to minimise energy losses in an increasingly digital world.

We have positioned ourselves at the forefront of industrial digitisation, and provide our unique embedded ultrasonic measurement technologies to extract powerful data from systems to unlock significant value.

Industry 4.0, commonly referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution, is the next phase of industrial digitisation, and combines innovations in digital technologies such as robotics, AI, sophisticated sensors, cloud computing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Market sectors

Through the application of our innovative technologies and the unlocking of valuable data streams, the Transport, Energy and Manufacturing sectors can be developed to align with Industry 4.0 principles and are thus characterised as:

  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing


The number of vehicles required to fulfil the world’s transportation needs now exceeds 1.2 billion.

Whether rail, aviation, marine or road transport, our technology can be applied to capture unique data from engine systems, engine system components and transport operating mechanisms.

We generate data by the measurement and monitoring of wear, contact pressure and lubrication to assist in the optimisation of components and systems to improve efficiency. Not only are we pioneering sensor technology breakthroughs, we are also leading development on real-time and connectivity advances, enabling the widespread adoption of IIoT applications across the Transport industry.

Some examples of applications of our technology in this sector include:

  • Oil film thickness in Internal Combustion Engines for road transportation (generating data to understand the root cause of in-field failures and also enhance analytics)
  • Lubricant monitoring in Internal Combustion Engines for earth moving equipment (generating data to validate a new component design for failure prevention)
  • Oil film thickness in hydrodynamic bearings for Marine Propulsion (generating data for use in a computational model for design optimisation)


The Total Primary Energy Supply for any region or country is made up mainly of sources such as Oil & Gas, Coal, Nuclear and Wind.

Generating power from such sources requires significant investment in large-scale industrial facilities, including power plants, oil refineries, wind farms and gas turbines – in addition to investment in pumping, drilling and mining operations.

Working closely with customers and research institutions in a variety of different sub-sectors, including Renewable Energy and Oil and Gas, our sensing and data solutions are particularly well-suited to the following applications:

  • Contact conditions in rolling element bearings in Wind Turbines (digitisation of contact parameters for validation and analytics)
  • Fluid aeration in sealless pumps in Oil and Gas (digital insight into pump operating conditions in real-time)
  • Film thickness and wear in seals in pumps (digitisation of the seal performance envelop over the full range of operating parameters for digital-twin modelling)


To date, the Manufacturing sector has perhaps been the greatest beneficiary of global data and digitisation advances and is often synonymous with Industry 4.0. From ‘Big Data’ to step changes in computational power and connectivity through to analytics, augmented reality and machine interface and interaction. The Manufacturing sector has undergone, and continues to undergo, considerable changes.

By working closely with OEMs and end-users on a number of wear and lubrication applications for condition monitoring and design optimisation, we are blazing a trail in the generation and analysis of ‘Smart Data’.

Some examples of our manufacturing-specific applications include:

  • Wear in plastics processing equipment (generating live wear data in an advanced IIoT servitisation model)
  • Leak and wear monitoring in seals in production equipment (digital visualisation of real-time behaviour of seals)
  • Contact conditions in rolling element bearings (digitalisation of bearing behaviour and performance for prognostics)

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