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What We Offer

The ultrasonic measurement and monitoring systems we design for customers are capable of performing all the measurements discussed throughout this site. The measurement speed, resolution, available space and flexibility of the application will determine the most appropriate ulltrasonic system and sensor.


The hardware described on this site is demonstrative of what can be developed, according to customer's requirements. 


PC Based Systems

Powerful systems tailored for each individual application with high channel count, high speed and high resolution.


Small Form Factor USB Based Ultrasonic System

Low cost, fully featured ultrasonic condition monitoring devices.

  • Fully featured UPR
  • 0 - 100dB Gain
  • 65 - 125 MSps
  • 12 - 14 Bits
  • USB, Micro SD
  • Digital/Analogue i/o

Modular Expansion modules:

  • Multi channel
  • Touchscreen
  • ATEX approved
  • Ethernet, Wireless comms


Corrosion Monitoring Systems

These systems can be used with Tribosonics Ltd's permanently installed ultrasonic sensors for accurate monitoring of corrosion in pipes, tanks and process systems. The systems have various communication protocols from Bluetooth to GSM. For hazardous zones there are several ATEX certified options.


Low cost, permanently installed sensors using bond on or clamp on transducers means the measurement process requires little training to operate and the sensors are maintenance free. For high volume applications we can provide mass manufactured peizo coatings.

Standard sensor is 5mm high by 8mm deep.
Piezo coatings down to 3mm diameter 30pm thick
Temp Range: From -200°C to 350°C
Frequency: From 50KHz to 5OMHz


Tribosonics Ltd offer a wide range of peripherals including multiplexors, manual switching systems, mounts, enclosures etc. More information is available on request.


Tribosonics Ltd. offers a sensor installation service where customer components are instrumented ready for use. We can also provide a range of installation products including a variety of transducers, temperature measurement devices, adhesives, application tapes clamps, cables and connectors so a customer can install the sensors themselves.