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What is really driving the sustainability agenda within industry? – The Driving Force Podcast

What is really driving the sustainability agenda within industry? – The Driving Force Podcast

Sustainability. It’s a hot topic in most businesses these days as we’ve become more aware of the impact of business operations on the environment. And rightly so. But where does that drive to do better come from? Is it purely down to Government legislation and targets such as achieving NetZero 2050? Is it ethics i.e. it’s just the right thing to do? Can improving our sustainability credentials give us competitive advantage? Or is it a combination of all?

As a clean-tech business using technology to support our industrial clients in meeting their ESG commitments, we wanted to understand how different industries were approaching this subject, what innovations were being implemented, what’s coming next, and also what the challenges and issues they are experiencing to be able to meet their sustainability goals.

So what better way to find out than to create our own podcast miniseries and ask exactly those questions to the people who are working within key industries and finding out how they are approaching this subject?

The Driving Force Podcast, exploring what's really driving sustainability within industry

Hosted by our Chief Commercial Officer, Christina King and our Chief Operations Officer, Mark Wallace, our brand new podcast – The Driving Force – will be asking all the burning questions including:

What’s the circular economy?
Is nuclear fusion the answer to sustainable power?
Will there ever be a fully recycled car?
What is Le French Tech?
What’s the role of the Government in achieving our sustainability goals?
What are the benefits and challenges to developing sustainable processes within industry?
How do developments in technology help us meet our sustainability responsibilities?

And we’re delighted to be welcoming our special guests for some fascinating conversation and insight into what’s really going on in their industries to tackle this complex challenge:

Warrick Matthews – MD of Tokamak Energy, a UK leader in the development of nuclear fusion technology

Vincent Ricco – Innovation Director at Novares, a tier one automotive supplier

Dr Michelle Lynch – CEO of Enabled Future Limited and expert in the sustainable production, use and recycling of chemicals, catalysts, polymers, energy carriers and valuable metals

Jacqueline Sutton MBE – Non-Executive Director of Farnborough International and ex Chief Customer Officer at Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace

Whether you’re in business working to meet your own sustainability challenges, or just have a general interest in the topic, we’re certain you will gain some fascinating and valuable insights from what’s happening in these major industries.

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