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Onboarding Tribosonics to the PwC Scale Programme

Onboarding Tribosonics to the PwC Scale Programme

Welcome to my second blog for Tribosonics. My role is Head of Strategic Partnerships and I am looking forward to sharing some stories about our business scale up journey. Those of you that know me know that I love my mindmaps – my notebook is full of them and every one of my blogs will have a mindmap sitting behind it.

The famous mindmaps

Tribosonics was successful in securing a place on the PwC Scale Yorkshire Programme, a 10-week intensive programme of training, networking, introductions and 2 pitch events. We joined 8 other businesses* in different and varied B2B technology sectors on this exciting journey; an impressive alumni cohort**.

This was an opportunity for us to take a deep dive into the business with some expert support along the way. We developed collateral and honed our value proposition for pitches to, firstly, PwC partners and then at an executive evening to an invited audience of PwC clients and potential customers from our own networks.

This is the first in a series of blogs in which I will describe our PwC Scale journey, the learning, the fun and the benefits that myself and my business gained from the programme.

An onboarding session took place at PwC in May and 4 of us from the business met up before hand to discuss our introductory presentation. Glenn (our CEO) suggested (an hour before) that I could deliver one of the slides and I thought sure let’s jump right into it!

The onboarding event set the context of what we were to expect over the next 10 weeks – it was going to be intense, challenging but definitely fun with the PwC team and our business cohort. We started with some ice breaker questions and it is amazing what you learn about people’s personal ambitions and their favourite film stars.

The Cohort from the PwC Scale Yorkshire Programme

Then came crunch time – presenting our businesses to a new audience not in each other’s sector and to do that in 5 minutes. I can report that everyone went over their allotted time and did not deliver perfect pitches. However, I am pleased to say that we were all passionate about our businesses and the presentations definitely had a few wow moments. We all gave written feedback and these were to be discussed with us in our 1-2-1 coaching sessions, with allocated PwC pitch coaches.

And so, we bade each other goodbye and looked forward to the first development day, Sales and Marketing.

Watch this space for the next blog on the PwC Scale programme and connect on Twitter @ChristinaEKing to follow our Scale Up in real time.

* PwC Scale Yorkshire 2019 Cohort include: Visr VR, The Data Shed, Campus Life, Gala Technology, Tribepad ATS, Creode, Logically, finfo

**Alumni Yorkshire cohort include: Panintelligence, Converging Data, rradar, White Label Loyalty, Virtual Pair Programmers, Bolser and Synap. Alumni national cohort.

Author: Christina King

Tribosonics is an innovation-led scale-up with a strong challenger mindset, driving transformation by using its unique sensing technologies to address challenges in tribological contacts (wear, friction and lubrication) in rotating equipment.

Located and forged in Sheffield, it serves global markets in Transport, Power Generation and Manufacturing.

For further information or to arrange a discussion about how Tribosonics can add value to your business, contact: Christina King, c.king@tribosonics.com

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