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Tribosonics unveil its newly refurbished headquarters

Tribosonics unveil its newly refurbished headquarters

Forged for future success, collaboration & a place to call home.

Last week, Tribosonics cut the ribbon and popped the champaign to officially reveal its newly refurbished headquarters in Sheffield. After a period of considerable business and employee growth over the last year, ensuring the team had work and lab spaces designed for collaboration, productisation, and commercial acceleration was a top priority.

The Tribosonics team gather outside their new headquarters.

Designed with the functional flow and connectivity of the business in mind

Tribosonics’ newly refurbished headquarters has been designed with the functional flow and connectivity of the business in mind. Three zoned areas, specifically built to support different business functions, flow seamlessly together. The workspaces have been built in such a way they allow the team to both connect and collaborate as well as having the space and facilities to focus on specific projects and work tasks. Visiting customers are also able to see live product demonstrations in the newly designed lab spaces.

The Research & Innovation Lab is where true innovation happens; ideas are generated, researched, and put through rigorous testing to form solutions that the sales team can take to market to meet our customers’ needs. The central zone of the building is The Hub, which cleverly connects all three areas of the business together, and is where commercialisation comes together through our sales, marketing, operations, engineering, and finance teams. The Product and Data Hub is where products are designed, developed, and assembled to package our innovative solutions into products for our industrial customers to use in their applications worldwide.

The new fit-out has meeting rooms, phone booths, and a co-working kitchen/dining area integrated into the design. There are also shower facilities to encourage running or cycling to work.

Tribosonics unveil the research and innovation lab within their newly refurbished headquarters.

Head of Operations and Products, Dan Richardson, who has overseen the redesign and refurbishment project said the following at the opening ceremony;

“There will be many tangible business advantages from designing our new space in the way we have but, as importantly, it’s about each one of us loving coming to work each day; it’s about having a place we can all call home.”  

A space that allows the team to work creatively, efficiently, and effectively

Over the last three years, Tribosonics’ development and growth has been supported by investment from Mercia Asset Management via the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, and Mercia’s EIS funds. William Schaffer, Investment Director at Mercia Asset Management, was an honoured guest at the grand opening ceremony and commented:

“When we look at what makes an investable business, we often consider the strength of three key factors; people, product and plan. After having been relegated to our own homes over the last two years, we all now have a stronger appreciation for place and the importance of having a space that allows the team to work creatively, efficiently and effectively. I’ve continued to be impressed by the team, vision and execution at Tribosonics and we’re excited to continue supporting the business as it moves from strength to strength.”  

Forged for future success

After the last two years of remote working and multiple office and lab locations, due to social distancing, the whole Tribosonics’ team were finally reunited in their new headquarters. The new space will no doubt be a key factor in forging further successful expansion in the coming years.

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