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Tribosonics Strengthens Board Leadership with Two New Directors

Tribosonics Strengthens Board Leadership with Two New Directors

Christina King and Janet Pryke are appointed to Tribosonics’ Board of Directors as CCO and CFO respectively.

Tribosonics are proud to announce two new Board Directors Christina King, as Chief Commercial Officer, and Janet Pryke, as Chief Financial Officer. Together, they will help oversee and further the vision and growth strategy of Tribosonics. Christina takes on this role having worked in the business as the Head of Strategic Partnerships. Janet joins the board having acted as Tribosonics’ Financial Director.

Introducing our new appointees:

Christina King CCO

Christina King CCO at Tribosonics in a red and black dress.
Featured: Christina King. Pix: Shaun Flannery/shaunflanneryphotography.com COPYRIGHT PICTURE

Firstly, Christina King supports the business in its ambitious scale-up vision by establishing and growing partnerships with key industrial players to enable transformative innovation. In addition, she is an award-winning senior executive with over 17 years’ experience in project engineering, strategic & operational leadership and senior commercial roles. Establishing and building new commercial relationships whilst developing technology and services in an innovation environment has been central to her career during the last 15 years. Christina brings specialist sector knowledge in technology and engineering spanning multinational commercial, governmental, defence and third sector organisations. Since joining Tribosonics, Christina’s role has undertaken exciting opportunities in France, Austria (developing commercial partnerships), Germany and the Netherlands.

Also, Christina starts each working day with a 5km run and looks forward to getting time on her motorbike this summer. She taught herself to play the piano during the lockdown and with two children, she’s always on her toes!

Janet Pryke CFO

Janet Pryke CFO at Tribosonics. She is wearing a flower blue blouse leaning on a rail.
Featured: Janet Pryke. Pix: Shaun Flannery/shaunflanneryphotography.com COPYRIGHT PICTURE

Janet Pryke has played a key role in underpinning our growth strategy since joining Tribosonics as Finance Director. In addition, her ongoing involvement as CFO supports our vision of innovation and growth from a strategic finance perspective.

Presently, Janet has worked in the industry for almost 40 years across a diverse range of companies from start-ups to large PLCs. Also, she is a commercially focused CFO with extensive experience working in high growth environments. She possesses excellent cash management skills, business systems integration experience and has a strong track record of attracting growth funding. Moreover, Janet’s breadth of knowledge and experience will be an asset to Tribosonics.

In addition, Janet brings a strong network of relationships. This includes funding and investment partners, especially within the commercial banking sector. She possesses a wealth of experience in investment-backed businesses, mergers and acquisitions.

Janet has also worked with several local charities in South Yorkshire and holds Board positions at two of these organisations. The first supports the homeless over the Christmas period when all other services are closed and the second is a group of educational institutions. Janet started her career as an apprentice and believes in the benefits and lifelong skills gained via this route should continue to be available to young people today with the best service offering available.

Three quick-fire questions:

We interviewed Christina and Janet to gain valuable perspective on how they envision the future of Tribosonics and what the wider implications of their appointment mean for women everywhere.

How are your background and experience essential to our vision?

“Firstly, I challenge the norm, smash barriers and put the time in to impress. Secondly, I surprise people through the way that I work (whether as a Mechanical Engineer, a mind mapper, or a communicator). I have worked in male-dominated environments which is not always easy, but it has made me have high work standards and resilience. I am always learning and looking for new ways to engage with people and collaborate.

The passion, enthusiasm and knowledge I bring to the business will ensure that we scale the business with key partners that we enjoy working with – this is what gets me up in the morning.

Our vision is to build a successful and profitable business by commercialising world-leading technology. I will support this by collaborating with strategic corporates in key sectors, seeking investment to accelerate the growth in our business and building an extraordinary commercial team.”

Christina King, CCO, Tribosonics

“My previous experience of working in similar fast-growth environments has helped us to take important steps in Tribosonics’ growth journey. I have managed high growth requirements in the past by working closely with banks and external funding partners. Effective cash management and good processes are key to understanding how the business is performing and assessing future funding requirements.

A key lesson I have learned in my career is to be prepared for anything. The global pandemic has affected so many things therefore being adaptable and agile are key to being able to successfully navigate our way through any potential scenario. Tribosonics has an agile team and we have all worked hard to adapt the business. We have a shared vision to continue driving transformation by bringing groundbreaking sensing technology solutions to our customers and we will all work together to make it a success.”

Janet Pryke, CFO, Tribosonics

How do you feel about increased female representation in senior leadership positions?

“I think this is fantastic for Tribosonics. Many organisations, from SMEs to Fortune 100s don’t achieve a good gender balance.  These recent appointments show we are leading the way from within the SME sector. I would like to encourage more women to take up engineering and leadership positions. We start by having active role models in senior leadership positions. I hope we can offer that to young people as a business and demonstrate what can be achieved.”

Christina King, CCO, Tribosonics

“A few years ago I worked for an organisation where the majority of the board were women. The business had been acquired by a PLC and every position was replaced with a man, leaving no female board members. Sadly, this came as no surprise to me. When I first met the existing board at Tribosonics I heard about their plans to expand the team. Consequently, I was delighted to hear their openness and keenness for female board members. Previously, I have mainly worked in a very male-dominated environment so it’s refreshing to see a more even split on the Board. I hope it will inspire young women starting out in industry to believe these roles are accessible. However, having said that I am looking forward to working with the whole board as I think we have an exceptional team to transform the business to the next level.”

Janet Pryke, CFO, Tribosonics

What is next for Tribosonics?

“Long term industrial partnerships are really taking root! They showcase to the outside world our innovative technology commercialised and scaling successfully in these varied sectors. We are on a mission to change the world with our technology and I believe we can do it!”

Christina King, CCO, Tribosonics

“Successful solutions to our customers’ requirements across a diverse range of locations and organisations.”

Janet Pryke, CFO, Tribosonics

We are so excited about what our new Directors will bring to the table! If you’d like to hear more fantastic news like this please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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