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Spotlight shines on Tribosonics – Mercia Interview

Spotlight shines on Tribosonics – Mercia Interview

Alison Dwyer, from Mercia, sits down with Glenn Fletcher CEO, and Sarah Sandle, non-exec chairperson, of Tribosonics

In the spotlight:

The spotlight shines on Glenn and Sarah who focus their discussion on how Tribosonics can and will make a difference to a variety of industries and the planet. They talk about what attracted Sarah and investors to Tribosonics, in particular, our greatest asset: people.

“The thing that makes an attractive investment is people, the team, and Tribosonics has an extraordinary team”

Glenn Fletcher

In addition, Glenn covers why Tribosonics invited Sarah to join as NED and how she perfectly aligns with the NED role. This leads to how Tribosonics is a collaborative and inclusive environment that values diversity when building teams. It is an area that is a high priority for the boardroom agenda. Finally, Sarah shines the spotlight on how the industry needs to follow Tribosonics’ lead in being receptive to change.

“When situations like this happen, and everything becomes uncertain, then what is most important is agility, pace of change, accepting quickly, learning and adapting.”

Sarah Sandle

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Tribosonics is an innovation-led scale-up with a strong challenger mindset, driving transformation by using its unique sensing technologies to address challenges in tribological contacts (wear, friction and lubrication).

Located and forged in Sheffield, it serves global markets in Transport, Power Generation, and Manufacturing.

For further information or to arrange a discussion about how Tribosonics can add value to your business, contact: Christina King, c.king@tribosonics.com

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