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Rolls Royce VP Sarah Sandle Appointed to Board of Directors at Tribosonics

Rolls Royce VP Sarah Sandle Appointed to Board of Directors at Tribosonics

Sarah Sandle is appointed as Non-Executive Chairperson at Tribosonics

We are delighted to be welcoming Sarah Sandle to Tribosonics as a Non-Executive Chairperson. Sarah is a senior executive at Rolls-Royce plc with extensive strategy, business transformation, operations and programme management experience. Moreover, she is a respected and resourceful professional with a passion for translating strategy into agile with structured execution. In addition, her knowledge, skills and experience within the aerospace and industrial power arenas will guide the Tribosonics executive team. Sarah’s vision for Tribosonics is to see the company exceed its expectations, and for all those who work within it to successfully grow both professionally and personally.

Her passions are for life-long learning and for supporting and coaching others. Sarah’s other non-exec roles align with this, with a position on the board of Enginuity (formerly SEMTA) a UK industry-led body promoting engineering skills and as a governor at the college, and the independent school, in her home town. Sarah also gives business mentoring advice to entrepreneurs within the Prince’s Trust, the young person’s charity.

Featured: Sarah Sandle. Pix: Shaun Flannery/shaunflanneryphotography.com

We sat down with Sarah to ask her about her plans and the value she will bring to Tribosonics. Read her interview below:

Three quick-fire questions:

1. What you attracted to Tribosonics to be a Non-Executive chairperson?

“Tribosonics is a growing company with great people, great technology and specialist expertise. This combination can make a significant contribution to the global industry, improving productivity, accelerating innovation and creating value otherwise untapped. The position of chairperson is one I am delighted to have the opportunity of fulfilling. I am greatly looking forward to supporting the company on its journey. I also want to work with the whole organisation of Tribosonics and support skills development, learning and wellbeing.”

Sarah Sandle

2. How will being a Non-Executive Chairperson effect and bring value to Tribosonics as a whole?

“As an Engineer, I find the technology hugely interesting! Combining this with smart data analytics to provide operational and business insights gives a powerful combination, opening up opportunities to create immense value for companies across many industry sectors. Thus, contributing to local, national and global economic growth and improving broader societal issues.

 I will be drawing on both my experience of industry executive roles (currently as VP Strategy at Rolls-Royce plc) and my non-executive roles, to provide an independent perspective and leadership that will help to drive this transformational technology business to reach its potential.”

Sarah Sandle

3. How do you feel about seeing not one but three women into senior leadership positions?

“It is great to join an organisation who already understand the many advantages and benefits of creating a team of people who are diverse in their thinking, bringing innovation to life in the daily activities and having fun along the way. Having three female senior leaders at the boardroom table is great to see and be part of. For me, it signifies the forward-thinking that characterises Tribosonics and I hope also provides some inspiration for others.”

Sarah Sandle

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