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Novares signs Joint Development Agreement with Tribosonics

Novares signs Joint Development Agreement with Tribosonics

Novares has signed three Joint Development Agreements with innovative start-ups, Tribosonics, Nanomade, and TG0, in the fields of sensor technology and intuitive user interfaces.

At this moment in time, Novares co-develops and provides engineering and manufacturing expertise to many OEMs and Tier-1 companies in the automotive market. Their 2020 revenues amounted to €1 billion.

Tribosonics’ journey with Novares began as winners at the Novares Venture Day 2019. In addition, many shared our achievement across Yorkshire, the rest of the UK, and Globally. As a result, our two companies have been collaborating for over a year on ultrasonic sensors solutions in the powertrain to improve engine safety.

Tribosonics at the Novares Venture Day in 2019 with the Jury Award

About NovaCar

Tribosonics, along with other companies, are co-operating with Novares on the next NovaCar, due to be unveiled in September 2021. It follows the theme of a different kind of driver and passenger experience, with intelligent plastic components creating the car of the future.

The unveiling of NovaCar #3 follows the success of the NovaCar #2 that boasts, for instance:

  • FlexView Max, a giant 3D curved and tactile display with haptic feedback.
  • Scroll’N Feel, which offers several tactile functions with a single smart button.
  • Smart Breeze is an invisible, intelligent airflow device that adapts automatically to each passenger.
  • Squeeze command, a door command with gesture recognition.
  • Drop-In Car is an in-car delivery point for last-mile delivery orders.

In addition, other innovations specifically designed for powertrain optimization such as e-motor components for electric vehicles.

Therefore, by building prototypes of new inventions and incorporating them into a working vehicle, Novares is creating the technological ‘bricks’ to meet the demands of its customers.

“These three companies have worked with Novares to produce truly exciting technologies that will change the way that drivers and passengers interact with their vehicles. The Joint Development Agreements are part of our ongoing commitment to innovation in the automotive sector.”

Luc Dornier, Product Development Senior Vice President of Novares Group

“We are delighted to partner with Novares; we share a strong innovation and collaboration ethos. Together we will create and implement technologies and products that will change the future of the automotive sector. In essence, we will enhance and improve safety, sustainability and the user experience”.       

Glenn Fletcher, CEO of Tribosonics

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