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It’s time to step things up a gear!

It’s time to step things up a gear!

By Mark Wallace, Chief Operating Officer 

Recently, we brought together the entire company to update everyone on recent developments and the future plan for the business.  

It’s not unusual for us to do this – as I think it’s important to make sure everyone is up to speed with the many amazing things that are happening within Tribosonics – but this one was different.  

Firstly, the first thing that I noticed was the number of people in the room. Whilst of course I’m fully aware that we have been busy recruiting new roles recently, to see everyone together was a really wonderful moment as it showcased the growth and progress of the business over the past few years. 

Secondly, it was great to have a number of people present at the event. Our founder and CTO, Dr Phil Harper always puts across his knowledge and experience,

Dr Phil Harper and Will Chelton having their 'fireside chat' on the importance of protecting our IP.
Dr Phil Harper and Will Chelton having their ‘fireside chat’ on the importance of protecting our IP.

as well as his passion for the business. Phil also treated us to a ‘fireside chat’ with our new VP of IP, Will Chelton, to discuss how protecting our IP is a key part of our strategy.  

In addition, our CEO, Glenn Fletcher, gave an update on progress and plans and we welcomed special guest, Will Schaffer, our Investment Director from Mercia Asset Management, who gave a great presentation on innovation and levitation in a growth market and investment context, exemplifying Tribosonics’ journey. 

But what really made this one different was that it was way beyond a general update, it was the moment where we said, ‘It’s time to step things up a gear!’  

It’s at these key moments in business when you have to reflect on what has made you successful to this point and understand how to take those things with you as you enter a rapid growth phase. 

What was very clear, I think, to everyone in the room was that our technical ability is second to none, yes, but what really underpins Tribosonics’ success is its people and its culture. Every single one of our team has contributed significantly to where we are today and so we asked the whole company to discuss how we ensure that we preserve our teamwork, ethos and passion for what we’re trying to achieve as we continue to welcome more members to the team. 

And to help make sure we’re successful in our efforts, we’ve made two wonderful new hires in the form of Operations Director, Philippa Takhar, and Head of People Services, Chaunsey Marshall. Both Philippa (Pippa) and Chaunsey spoke with energy and clarity at the event about their roles and responsibility for holding our teams together and guiding us as we build and grow through this exciting period of change.    

And of course, we finished off with a great social event to celebrate our success so far and to have some fun.  

Whilst we are all aware the next stage is going to be hard work, it seems very clear to me that we have got the best team for the job. There was a huge sense of enthusiasm and determination to tackle the upcoming challenges and capitalise on the growth opportunities ahead, and I can’t wait to report back on our progress at our next company meeting. 




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