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What We Offer

Tribosonics has developed a wide range of signal processing technologies to extract information from ultrasonic pulses reflected from machine elements. Combining our range of sensing technology with embedded signal processing on our ultrasonic hardware presents some exciting new monitoring solutions.


We are consistently working closely with some of the largest engineering organisations worldwide installing bespoke monitoring systems. We have developed unique and unconventional approaches to implementing ultrasonic measurements to solve a variety of industrial problems.


Tribosonics has developed a range of market leading ultrasonic systems from high powered multi-channel units to small form factor monitoring devices. We have a wide range of technologies that have been developed and implemented that can be supplied off-the-shelf.

Condition Monitoring

Our small form factor systems are perfect for condition monitoring applications. With their modular arrangement, it is simple to tailor each device to its specific environment, reducing cost and increasing performance and ease of use. Measurements can be logged and accessed at any time as required. alternatively alarm levels can be set, allowing the system to operate unmonitored for long periods of time until the level has been reached. This can then alert an operator or initiate and automatic shutdown.

Who We Are

Tribosonics Ltd is a young but growing company based in Sheffield, UK with over 50 years combined experience in sensors and sensor systems. It was started in 2006 by Dr Phil Harper based on research he conducted at the University of Sheffeld. The company was originally set up to develop lubricant film thickness measurement technology but has now diversified into a wide range of applications all
involving the use of ultrasonics. In many areas where we work, we are the only company worldwide doing so. We currently manufacture, supply and install high end ultrasonic measurement systems to some of the biggest engineering organisations worldwide. We are a company with solutions looking for problems so why not get in touch to explore how we can help you.