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Hazardous and potentially explosive gases and dusts are present in many industrial applications. Equipment used in these zones is covered by a raft of legislation, including ATEX and IECEx, that ensures the equipment can be safely operate in such environments. ATEX compliance is now compulsory in the EU and the de facto standard in many countries worldwide. IECEx legislation is a worldwide standard with 30 member countries. Tribosonics Ltd. has experience designing and supplying a range of equipment carrying both these certifications. This allows Tribosonics Ltd to supply hardware to its customers, enabling them to perform condition monitoring in some of the most challenging applications while remaining compliant with the relevant legislation.

Tribosonics ATEX and IECEx ultrasonic measurement unit features:

  • ATEX Compliant: Zone 1, equipment group 2G
  • Gas group: IIC
  • Temperature: T6 temperature rating (-40oC to +60oC)
  • Enclosure: Flameproof, IP66 rated
  • Control System Integration: 4-20mA outputs allow our technologies to be integrated with your current control systems.
  • Data Storage: Onboard microSD card storage 
  • Display: Multicolour LED display for clear status indication
  • Fast Sampling Rates: Operating up to 10kHz means transient events can be captured. This is combined with Real-time processing on board allowing control systems to react faster.
  • Sensors: Rated as intrinsically safe, allowing them to be put in the most restrictive ATEX environments.