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We use innovative and novel approaches to ultrasonic sensors to enable low cost installation in extreme environments from liquid nitrogen to sensors on a piston ring in a fired engine. We offer a wide range of transducers to suit all of the measurement and monitoring applications discussed throughout the applications and markets section of the website. The sensors are also able to be used in traditional ultrasonic NDT applications.


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Low Cost Permanent Ultrasonic Sensor

Low Cost Ultrasonic Sensor

Low Cost Permanent Sensor - Wired

Tribosonics have a wealth of knowledge in the design, manufacture and application of permanently installed ultrasonic sensors required to perform the measurements described throughout the site. Our low cost sensors can either be bonded directly onto the surface or clamped on meaning the measurement process requires little training to operate and the sensors are maintenance free. Generally speaking, the measurement area is a function of sensor size.

Element Size:        0.4mm to 12mm diameter as standard. Larger sizes and other shapes available. 

Frequency:             50KHz to 50MHz

Temperature:        -200oC to 250oC

Connector:             SMB, BNC, MMCX, SMA, Limo

Cable Diameter:   0.4mm, 1.2mm, 2.5mm

Cable Length:       0.1m, 0.2m, 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 4m, 10m, 20m

Extras:                    Thermocouple, RTD, ID chip

Find the datasheet for our most popular sensor type here.

Low cost permanent ultrasonic sensors

Low cost permanent ultrasonic sensors

Low Cost Permanent Sensor - Not Wired

These permanent sensors are ideal for when periodic measurements are required. An example of this is for corrosion mapping and wear monitoring when changes occurr gradually over time. This option can be very cheap as multiple sensors are used with a single electronic device.

Element Size:     Standard 1mm to 7mm diameter

Frequency:          50KHz to 50MHz

Temperature:     -200oC to 250oC

Connector:          Brass contact

Extras:                 Thermocouple, ID chip

ATEX Certified Ultrasonic Sensors

Tribosonics Ltd has developed an ultrasonic sensor that can be used in hazardous zones and has been certified Intrinsically Safe under the ATEX Directive. These sensors are designed to be permanently installed for monitoring a wide range of applications including:

  • Corrosion
  • Wall Thickness
  • Material Properties
  • Process Control

The ATEX certificate can be downloaded here.

Ultrasonic sensor coating

Ultrasonic Coatings

For higher volume applications, Tribosonics offers a piezo coating for high quality, extremely low profile integrated sensors down to 30um thick. These coating operate very well at high temperatures with almost no loss of signal quality.

Ultrasonic Arrays

Tribosonics manufacture a wide range of linear 1D and 2D array transducers from 8 to 128 elements. Our arrays are designed for repeat use, but are deemed low cost enough for permanently bonded installation.

High Temperature Ultrasonic NDT Transducer

A-Scan from a Transducer at 311°C through 75mm Stainless Steel

High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers

Tribosonics Ltd develops and manufactures high temperature ultrasonic transducers, up to 350ºC continously (as standard), or 450°C continously (non-standard).