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The FMS100 is a high performance PCI based ultrasonic measurement system. This product is a high voltage, multi-channel system with high channel count, high speed and high resolution. The system has a flexible hardware and software ecosystem and is ideally suited to R&D environments as it can perform real time signal processing that is configurable on the fly.

This system is capable of conducting any of the measurements discussed on this site and many more. We can provide the PCI cards on their own or integrated into a rackmount PC system. We specialise in integrating numerous measurement and monitoring systems into one single unit so if you have other requirements, we are happy to integrate them into this flagship instrument.

This system has been provided to some of the leading engineering organisations worldwide. We can provide training and after sales configuration if required.

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Technical Specification 

  • 1 to 8 channels  
  • Pulse echo / through transmission per channel  
  • Receiver Gain range -40db to +110db 
  • Receiver Bandwidth 0.1 to 25 MHz 
  • Very low noise receive amplifier 
  • Interface gate and five measurement gates in real-time DSP hardware  
  • Receiver input impedance - 50/100/200/500R  
  • 100MHz sampling with 12 bit resolution  
  • Square Wave Pulser with low impedance output 
  • Variable -20V to -400V negative pulse output  
  • Max repetition rate - 100kHz spread over the number of active channels  
  • Fully independent receiver / pulser setup for each channel  
  • Fully configurable software using National Instruments LabVIEW™


  • Available as PCI cards, a lunch box or a rackmount system 
  • 4-20mA current loop output  
  • 8 Analogue inputs for additional sensors  
  • 8 Analogue outputs for driving strip chart recorders
  • 4 High current switches for relays and 12 lines of digital I/O for alarms
  • Software development kit for user development.
  • High frequency integration
  • Multiplexor options for multiple channels
  • Full personalised software configuration optional