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National Instruments cRIO compatible Ultrasonic Hardware


Tribosonics Ltd can develop a range of National Instruments cRIO compatible hardware for ultrasonic applications. Below are four example modules:

  • Ultrasonic amplifier
  • Ultrasonic pulser receiver and digitiser
  • High voltage pulser
  • ATEX zener barrier 

Ultrasonic Amplifier - TR8300 AMP


The TR8300 AMP is a high performance ultrasonic amplifer for amplifing ultrasonic signals. 

  • Gain -20 to +100dB in 1dB steps
  • Bandwidth 0.5 MHz to 25 MHz at -3 dB
  • Noise <2nV(Hz)^0.5
  • Maximum input voltage +/- 1V
  • Maximum output voltage +/- 1V

Ultrasonic Pulser Receiver - TR8400 UPR


The TR8400 UPR is a very high performance ultrasonic pulser, receiver and digitiser in a small package.

  • 10V - 200V pulse out
  • Pulse width  0.02 - 2 μs
  • Pulse repetition rate 0.1 - 50kHz
  • Pulse rise/fall time  <5 ns
  • Gain  0-100 dB
  • 12 bits 100 MSPS digitiser
  • 4 digital inputs hardware synced to a-scan capture

Ultrasonic High Voltage Pulser - TR8600 HVP



The TR8600 HVP is a high voltage pulser for ultrasonic applciations. The TR8600 HVP can be used in conjunction with the TR8400 UPR to function as a high voltage ultrasonic system.

  • 3.3V to 12V pulse in
  • -50V to -200V pulse out in 1V steps
  • <5 ns rise and fall time
  • 20ns to 2μs pulse width
  • Pulse repetition rate 0.01 to 50kHz
  • Maximum +/- 1V output
  • 11V pulse out

ATEX Barrier - TR8700 ATEX


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