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The renewable sector is the fastest growing source of power production in the world today and the need to reduce maintenance and operating costs is becoming ever more important. 

We are seeing renewable installations in the more and more remote and inaccessible locations resulting in a push towards integrated sensing systems. These systems maximise time between service intervals and detect the early stages of faults and failures so maintenance can be scheduled efficiently. Gradual degradation of parts can be accounted for and factored into service planning, but there are many external influences that can radically effect the rate of component wear and tear. By measuring and reporting these changes, you can apply pro-active maintenance which has constantly proven to reduce costs.


Our small form measurement systems are perfectly suited to the monitoring of bearing health, including wear and lubricant film thickness, lubricant health etc in situ in real time. We have a great deal of experience in the measurement of hydrodynamic bearings in even the most harsh environments. There are also numerous projects involving rolling element bearings of various kinds.

Our small form monitoring system has gone through ATEX certification and with the addition of GSM reporting, servicing intervals can be maximised and bearing failure will be a thing of the past.


Bespoke Monitoring Solution

Tribosonics Ltd have a wealth of experience in developing sensing and monitoring systems and bringing the concept to production stage. We frequently liase with organisations who approach us with a problem and we provide a cost effective solution they can roll out across their whole product range.

Our in house expertise in sensing technologies of all kinds, electronics design and manufacture, mechanical design and manufacture and software design and programming and product development mean we can quickly turn ideas and concepts into certified productionised units. 

We often describe ourselves as a company with solutions looking for problems, so contact us to see how we can help you.