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The measurement and monitoring of the rail network is crucial to minimise maintenance costs and downtime associated with failure. Tribosonics Ltd have a number of different technologies applicable to the rail sector.

Our small form ultrasonic monitoring system can be mounted trackside, on the locomotive or stock to measure and monitor a number of key parameters. 

The data can be integrated into current monitoring systems via GPRS to maximise asset performance and ensure opotimum running conditions.

Contact Pressure and Area

Contact pressure and area between the wheel and the rail is one of the most critical parameters to ensure proper safe operation, minimising wear on both components and minimising track maintenance and maximising grinding intervals etc.

There are many other contacts in which the contact pressure and area are crucial, for example in switches and crossings, tie bars, bogie assemblies etc. Our monitoring systems can be installed on almost any component to look at the contact pressure and area in real time. See our contact pressure page in the technologies section.


Our permanently embedded sensors are perfect for measuring wear on a single component such as a critical section of rail or a wheel. The wear can be tracked over time and as soon as a critical point has been reached, an alarm can be send via GPRS to alert the issue.

We can also develop bespoke wear measurement tools for components or track. For more information, see our dedicated Wear webpage.  

Rail Lubrication and Leaves

By mounting permanent sensors on the rail, it is possible to detect the presence of lubrication (or any other layer including leaves, dirt etc) and to quantify the amount of said layer. This measurement can then be fed back into the lubricant delivery system to ensure the proper amount of lubrication is deployed exactly when needed.

For more information, see our Lubricant Film Thickness technologies page.