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Oil & Gas

Tribosonics Ltd. has strong connections with the Oil & Gas industry, working with and supplying products to some of the largest companies in the sector.

Tribosonics Ltd. therefore understands the robust solutions required by the industry, and the regulatory framework to which these must comply. A number of products we have supplied to customers have ATEX and IECEx certifications.

Our customers regulary inform us that downtime costs are the single biggest risk to their day-to-day operation. Condition monitoring is an essential tool in preventing downtime .

We offer a full range of condition monitoring tools which can be shown to recoup thier costs many times over, while simulataniously helping you to provide the reliability and reputation that your company requires. Below are a small sample of the technologies we use, however we also offer bespoke services. If you have an application that is not listed below contact us to find out how we can help.

Pump Health Monitoring

Using ultrasonic reflectometry, Tribosonics use embedded sensor technolgy to monitor a range of conditions on fluid pumps. This includes monitoring gas content of the process fluid, cavitation within the pump, impeller wear and bearing film thickness.

As well as providing consultancy services for pump health monitoring, Tribosonics can also supply a range of ultrasonic hardware and sensors.

Corrosion & Pipe wall thickness

Ultrasonic technology has been one of the driving forces of corrosion measurement for a long time. Tribosonics are taking this to a new level with our permanent monitoring solutions. Our permanently embedded wall thickness sensors completely remove the user variability in the measurement process, allowing the tracking of minute changes with a high degree of accuracy.

The sensors can either be coupled with the permanently installed measurement system with the options of:

  • Low cost sensors
  • ATEX certification
  • Wireless data transmission
  • microSD card data storage
  • GSM data transmission
  • Hard wired integration into current control systems

Or using one of Tribosonics Ltd.'s handheld devices which offer:

  • Low cost sensors
  • Embedded ID chip on each sensor
  • Rapid reliable measurement
  • Data saved to SD card or automatically uploaded to system via dock

Seal Monitoring

Mechanical face seals are common components in pumps and pumping applications. The failure of a mechanical face seal is often total, posing a serious problem to both safety and continiuation of the process. The downtime required to replace a seal is often more costly than the seal itself. Condition monitoring is key to ensuring healthy seals and reducing this cost.

Tribosonics Ltd.'s technologies offer customers the ability to measure contact pressure, area of the contact and film film thickness between the seal faces, in-situ and in real-time. This allows to customer to spot damaged seals early, thereby reducing the cost of failure, and to plan more effective maintenence schedules.

Aeration & Cavitation

Unwanted Aeration and Cavitiation can cause excessive wear which is a major problem in a range of engineering applications. Tribosonics Ltd. offers the ability, through the use of novel ultrasonic technologies, to detect the presence of gas within a liquid, substrate or component.

Tribosonics Ltd.'s gas detection technologies offer several key advantages:

  • ATEX Compliant
  • Non-invasive
  • Control System Integration
  • Fast Sampling Rates
  • Wireless Data Transmission
  • Low-Cost Sensors


The technologies work on the principal that larger bubbles will scatter an ultrasonic wave, while the presence of smaller amounts of dissolved gases will change the bulk properties of a liquid. Either of these mechanisms can be detected using Tribosonics Ltd.'s BD003 gas detection unit.

An ultrasonic transducer is mounted on the external surface of the component or pipe carrying the liquid. An ultrasonic wave is then sent through the liquid and picked up either by the original transducer, as a reflection, or by a secondary transducer. The received signal is processed in real-time and the proportion of gas present is output, either to your control systems via 4-20mA control loop, or stored on-board.

Cracks & Inclusions

Ultrasound is synonymous with the detection of cracks and inclusions. Tribosonics can develop bespoke monitoring systems to profile compnents of all shapes and sizes to ensure each product is crack and inclusion free.