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Tribosonics Ltd work closely with the marine diesel engine manufacturers, providing a wide range of measurement and monitoring solutions

With increases in fuel and lubricant prices combined with ever more stringent emission standards, the measurement and monitoring of marine propulsion systems has never been so important. Through understanding the behaviour of the engine system, it is possible, by carefully controlling the input parameters, to  maximumise efficiency and reduce costs and emissions.

Services we are currently providing to the marine industry include:

Bearing Monitoring

Our small form measurement systems are perfectly suited to the monitoring of bearing health, including wearlubricant film thickness, lubricant health etc in situ in real time. We have a great deal of experience in the measurement of hydrodynamic bearings in even the most harsh environments, including inside internal combustion engines. There are also numerous projects involving rolling element bearings of various kinds.

Our small form monitoring system has gone through ATEX certification and providing real-time information on the health of the bearing systems.

Engine Monitoring

Sensors are mounted at various locations in and around the engine to monitoring lubricant film thickness, temperature, wear, contact pressure, flow rate, lubricant quality, thermal expansion, position of components, aeration and cavitation.

Bespoke Monitoring Solution

Tribosonics Ltd have considerable experience in developing novel sensing and monitoring systems from concept through to product. We often work with our customer in a strategic capacity delivering custom solutions to their measurement needs.

Our in-house expertise in sensing technologies (including ultrasonics, temperature, pressure), electronics design and manufacture, mechanical design and manufacture and software design and programming and product development mean we can quickly turn ideas into monitoring products.

We often describe ourselves as a company with solutions looking for problems, so contact us to see how we can help you.