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Manufacturing condition monitoring

End-customers are demanding ever higher quality control and are more commonly requesting that systems are put in place to ensure this high quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Our non-invasive ultrasonic sensors are perfect for on-line monitoring of components and assemblies to ensure manufacturing tolorances are met. Our systems can produce quantifiable reports highlighting the level of conformity of the component or batch. 

Our measurement and monitoring systems can be stand alone alarm-based systems that report non-conformal components in real time, drawing attention to the operater. They can also be integrated into current quality systems to give measurement reports thus building up confidence in product conformity and overall quality, minimising the number returns and faulty products reaching market.

We can provide integrated measurement and monitoring systems for a wide variety of manufacturing variables including:

Material properties

Many material properties can be measured in real time by passing sound waves through the material or reflecting off the surface. It is a particularly powerful tool in detecting minute changes from the norm.

Machining Metrology - Real-time Thickness Guaging

Tribosonics is currently developing an adaptive machine control system for the Aerospace and Nuclear Industries. Integrating ultrasonic thickness technology into manufacturing systems. The advancements in manufacturing techniques have increased the efficiency and reduced costs in the manufacturing process.  In high stress environments such as those found in the aerospace and nuclear industry very complex, precision components are manufactured form single material blocks. Such processes increase the materials properties but increase manufacture times. Current methods for checking manufactured parts require the machining process to be stopped, using coordinate measurement machines and other similar techniques to determine whether the part has been accurately machined. While many component geometries don’t allow for conventional methods to be used. Tribosonics have developed a process for monitoring the manufacturing of a component during the machining process, allowing the cutting tool to constantly correct itself saving time and cost.  

See videos of this in action here.

Surface Finish

Using non-contact ultrasonic transducers and detection algorythms, it is possible to characterise the surface finish in-line in real time and detect changes from the norm.

Cracks and inclusions

Ultrasound is synonymous with the detection of cracks and inclusions. Tribosonics can develop bespoke monitoring systems to profile compnents of all shapes and sizes to ensure each product is crack and inclusion free.

Position Sensing

Using water coupled, air coupled or contact transducers, it is possible to detect relative position of components from one another during the assembly process. This can be fed back into the control system or used as a quality tool.

Packaging Seal Integrity

In some applications, the failure of a seal can result in catastrophic contamination consquential fines. Our non contact sensors can detect seal failure or abnormalities.

Some measurement requirements are very simple and straightforward; other measurements require integration of our systems with software configuration to suit customers exact requirements and needs. See our Services tab to see the different ways in which we can provide integrate systems.