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Wear and Erosion Measurement and Monitoring


Tribosonics have developed a new real time in-situ method to measure and monitor wear of real engineering components. Non-invasive retro-fittable sensors are mounted externally and soundwaves travel through the material reflecting off the wearing interface. Unlike traditional wear measurement techniques, this method does not rely on position or displacement and the result is a very robust measurement technique that can remain valid when components are dissasembled, replaced and re-machined etc. The understanding of the wear behaviour is paramount to material selection and machine element design. All components wear when they are subjected to sliding conditions, it is understanding this behaviour that is of great importance. 

Wear scar from fretting

A wear scar in a bolted plate as a result of fretting

Typical Applications

  • Internal Combustion Engine liners
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Tribometers
  • Manufacturing tools
  • Rails and Wheels
  • Mining
  • Chutes and Handling Machines
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Rotating Equipment, Shafts etc

Types of Wear

  • Running In
  • Abrasive Wear
  • Melt Wear
  • Oxidation-Dominated Wear
  • Adhesive Wear
  • Delamination
  • Rolling Contact Fatigue
  • Fretting
  • Corrosive Wear
  • Material Displacement
WearDAQ Wear Measurement System

TriboDAQ-Wear : Permanent Wear Monitoring System

The WearDAQ is a non-invasive permanently installed wear monitoring system that measures and reports wear over time.

  • Wear measurement from time-of-flight
  • Accuracy from +/- 1um
  • Auto-temperature compensation
  • Applicable to all metals, ceramics and most polymers
  • Multi-channel options available
  • Wireless,GSM,Serial,0-10V, 0-20mA,SD Card
  • ATEX optional

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WMS100 Wear Measurement System

FMS100-Wear : High Performance Wear Measurement System

The WMS100 is designed for lab based and non-permanent field installations. The system is capable of fully characterising wear features. The system is fully configurable and operates at high speed allowing real-time dynamic wear monitoring.

Designed for lab use, the system is capable of logging numerous additional streams of data such as position, load, temperature, encoder etc allowing wear rates to be compared to process variables.

  • Fully Configurable PC Based Solution
  • High Speed: up to 100kHz
  • Multi-Channel: 8-160
  • Full 2D Profile Capture
  • Auto Temperature Compansation
  • Wide Range of Sensors Available

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Wear Sensor

Single Point Wear Sensor


Tribosonics Ltd. have a wide variety of low cost permanent and semi-permanent sensors that are installed non-invasively to track small changes in material thickness which results in a measurement of wear.

  • Permanently Wired
  • High Temperature up to175ºC
  • Single Point Sensors 0.5mmø to 25mmØ
  • Minimum Material Thickness 5mm
  • Array Sensor for 2D Mapping up to 160 Channels
Real-time wear monitoring

Data Monitoring

The data from the different systems has various direct output options that can be integrated into existing systems:

  • 0-10V
  • 0-20mA
  • Wireless (Zigbee)
  • GSM
  • USB
  • Serial
  • Ethernet

Tribosonics also offer web hosting services allowing the asset owner to log in using personal credentials and visualise wear data on screen and download customisabnle reports.

Our permanently embedded sensors accurately measure wear and track these changes over time. If a pre-determined level is set, an alarm is sent allowing proactive servicing. This can be applied to almost all components and assemblies to measure running in, abrasive wear, melt wear, oxidation-dominated wear, adhesive wear, delamination, rolling contact fatigue, fretting, corrosive wear, erosive wear and material displacement.

Typical applications include wear of combustion engine liners, seal wear, plain bearing wear, manufacturing tool wear, rail wear, process machine wear, wear of shafts and many more.

Our technology is capable of measuring wear to sub micron accuracies with an acquisition rate up to 100kHz, allowing complete real time reporting of component health.

Recent Publications


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