Film Thickness
Contact Pressure
Wear and Erosion
Quality & Inspection
Machining Metrology
Pump Monitoring


Using ultrasonic reflectometry, Tribosonics Ltd. has established reliable methods for the measurement and monitoring of a wide range of engineering applications using their research measurement equipment and their industrial condition monitoring systems.

Tribological Measurement and Monitoring Systems

Lubricant Film Thickness

Measurement of fluid film between machine elements including piston rings and liner, bearings, seals etc. Measurements down to 100nm.

Contact Pressure

Can measure and monitor dynamic contact conditions including pressure, area and distribution and pressure mapping.


Real time wear measurments to sub micron resolution.

Manufacturing Quality Control

Non invasive ultrasonic sensors are perfect for on-line moitoring of components and assemblies to ensure manufacturing tolorences are met. For example, material quality, inclusion detection, thickness guaging, position sensing, contact pressures, surface finish, bolt loading, and many other attributes.

Aeration, Cavitation and Flow Characterisation

Tribosonics Ltd. offers the ability, through the use of novel ultrasonic technologies, to detect the presence of gas within a liquid or substrate.


Ultrasonic technology has been one of the driving forces of corrosion measurement for a long time. Tribosonics are taking this to a new level with our permanent monitoring solutions.

Machining Metrology

By integrating thickness guaging into a CNC tool, Tribosonics have created a feedback loop that ensures tolorence levels are met whilst minimising waste.

Load Measurement

Permanently installed sensors for load measurements for periodic or continuous load monitoring.

Pump Health Monitoring

Ultrasound can be used to monitor various aspects of pumps including wear of seals, aeration detection, impellor speed, seal film thickness etc.


Real time detection and monitoring of scuffing in internal combustion engines and sliding surfaces.


Leak detection, flow monitoring, pipe content characterisation, cavitation, position sensing, bolt tension, strain and viscosity.