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Quality and Inspection

Tribosonics Ltd specialise in bespoke quality and inspection systems ideal for manufacturing lines and inspection stations.

quality control

Our non invasive ultrasonic sensors are perfect for on-line monitoring of components and assemblies to ensure manufacturing tolerances are met and to produce quantifiable reports highlighting the level of conformity. For example:

  • Material properties
  • Inclusion detection
  • Thickness guaging
  • Position sensing
  • Contact pressures
  • Surface finish
  • Seal integrity
  • Inclusions

and many other variables that can occur during manufacturing and post installation inspection.


Our measurement and monitoring systems can be stand alone alarm-based systems that report and non-conformal components in real time, drawing attention to the operater. They can also be integrated into current quality systems to give measurement reports thus building up confidence in product conformity and overall quality, reducing in minimum returns and faulty products reaching market.


Some measurement requirements are very simple and straightforward and can be provided 'off the shelf' other measurements require integration of our systems with software configuration to suit customers exact requirements and needs. See our Serviced tab to see the different ways in which we can provide integrate systems.