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Aeration & Cavitation

Tribosonics Ltd., in conjunction with HMD Sealless Pumps, has developed novel ultrasonic technologies capable of detecting the presence of gas within a liquid or substrate.

These gas detection technologies offer several key advantages:

  • ATEX Compliant: Zone 1, equipment category 2G
  • Non-invasive: This makes the techniques ideal for hazardous liquids and food & beverage applications.
  • Control System Integration: 4-20mA outputs allow our technologies to be integrated with your current control systems.
  • Fast Sampling Rates: Operating up to 10kHz means transient events can be captured, allowing control systems to react faster.
  • Wireless Data Transmission: The BD003 can be combined with Tribosonics IRIS GSM unit to transmit data
  • Low-Cost Sensors: Manufactured and supplied by Tribosonics at a fraction of the cost of traditional NDT sensors.

The technologies work on the principal that larger bubbles will scatter an ultrasonic wave, while the presence of smaller amounts of dissolved gases will change the bulk properties of a liquid. Either of these mechanisms can be detected using the BD003 gas detection unit.

An ultrasonic transducer is mounted on the external surface of the component or pipe carrying the liquid. An ultrasonic wave is then sent through the liquid and picked up either by the original transducer, as a reflection, or by a secondary transducer. The recieved signal is processed in real-time and the proportion of gas present is output, either to your control systems via 4-20mA control loop, or stored on-board.

Example Applications

  • Measurement of cavitation in components to aid the design process.
  • Monitoring entrained gases in pumping applications.
  • Online measurement of slugs in two-phase flow pipelines.
  • Liquid detection to prevent dry running of components.


Aeration is the process by which a gas is mixed with a substrate, typically a liquid. Such processes are performed in diverse range of applications from carbonating soft-drinks to biological waste water treatment.

Cavitation is the formation of bubbles or cavities in a liquid. This is commonly occurs where a sharp pressure gradient is seen, this can cause gaps to form in the liquid due to the relatively low pressure. Cavitiation can cause excessive wear which is a major problem in a range of engineering applications.


BD003 Gas Detection Unit

BD003 Gas Detection Unit

Tribosonics BD003, offered through HMD Sealless Pumps, has the ability to detect gas within a liquid or substrate, using novel ultrasonic techniques. It has a range of features including:

  • 4-20mA output for integration with current control systems
  • Onboard microSD card storage 
  • ATEX certification: Zone 1, equipment catagory 2G
  • Multicolour LED display for clear alarm display
  • Fast Sampling Rates: up to 10 kHz (application dependant)
  • Real-time processing on board
  • IP66 rated enclosure.
  • Sensor temperature range from -40oC to +80oC
  • Electronics temperature range from -40oC to +60oC
  • Non-invasive to process liquid
  • Low cost permanently installed sensors