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Fri, 30 Jun 2017

Summer placement students - real world engineering experience at Tribosonics

This year we are pleased to welcome 5 summer placement students from the University of Sheffield who will be spending 11 weeks working with us at Tribosonics.  They started with us last week, Emily, Theo, Chris and Noah are all studying for a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and Utkarsh is studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Between them they have a wide range of reasons for pursuing engineering at university from the enjoyment of creating and fixing things to the desire to have a positive, practical impact on society.

While at Tribosonics they are each working on a live project within the business.  For example:

Emily will be investigating bolt stress. She will be developing capability to determine bolt loading characteristics using ultrasonic transducers.  She plans to apply this technology to a running combustion engine so that real world data can be collected and analysed. This will require initial research and testing into bolt loading calibration so that recorded data can be analysed. A feasible method for instrumenting the bolt must also be devised, as well as a system for loading the bolt during calibration.

Noah - who hopes to learn how a small business works and grows - is working with our business development team.  He will be identifying and analyzing markets where we are already active and potential future markets.  He will need to develop an understanding of customer needs and opportunities across each market. This will enable Tribosonics to deploy our technologies in new areas, innovate new technologies in new and existing areas and deliver existing technologies more effectively.

We have also been joined for 6 weeks by Cameron and for 2 weeks by James both of whom are currently in secondary school. Cameron’s hope is to study Chemical Engineering or Material Sciences at university. He hopes to learn how to work well with others and to gain valuable hands-on engineering experience.  He is working with our R&D team investigating techniques for measuring the thickness of steel.  Meanwhile James has been working in our production department seeing how products are designed and built to spec.

We know that Tribosonics will benefit from their creativity, engineering skills and keen desire to learn and make a difference. We hope that they will gain valuable experience of engineering and business development in the real world, we hope it will inspire and give them confidence and ideas for their future studies and careers.

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